Showing Up is the First Step

Any changes in life can be difficult to make, especially when your day to day is habitual. Many of us work so hard throughout the week and find little to no time for self care and the things that we love to do. A lot of our free time is spent on social media, family duties, chores or just simply resting after a long day. If we truly sat down and managed our time however, would we be able to say that there is no time for anything else?

When it comes to working out especially, there are so many scenarios we make up that scare us out of the idea. The first step is showing up. What does that mean? It means getting to Point A and trusting that the rest of the journey is well worth the risk. The first class or workout won’t be easy, in fact it may be extremely hard to get through. Even if the idea of your first class might intimidate you, you’ll never know the beautiful feeling of making it through the workout without actually going.

Ask yourself these questions:

What are some goals that you have set for yourself that you’ve been hesitant to tackle? How would these goals add to your life both physically and mentally?

It doesn’t hurt to challenge yourself. If your schedule is always jammed packed with things to do, plan your trip to the gym ahead of time. Keep a planner or a simple notebook where to  jot down your daily responsibilities. If you see the gaps of availability you have, you’d be able to better plan your trips to the gym.

If you’re worried that it’s been too long a time since your last visit to the gym, remember everyone has to begin somewhere. It’s ok to begin again. Don’t feel discouraged or embarrassed to start over. If you are/were injured and are afraid of getting hurt while exercising, depending on the severity of your injury, it may be best to talk to a doctor before you take a class. If you have recovered from your injury and schedule a class make sure you tell your instructor about your injury and pain level. Your instructors want to work WITH YOU not against you. No one will ever pressure you into doing more than you are capable of doing. Pace yourself and don’t beat yourself up for not being where you’d like to be.

Think of the gym as a safe haven. The gym is a place where judgement is left at the door and any insecurities you have should begin to melt away once you enter. Remind yourself of why it’s important for you to start or continue your fitness journey. Remind yourself of all of your goals, your worth and of your resilience. You make it through each day accomplishing so much; it doesn’t matter how big or small your victories are. Let your fitness journey be another thing to add to the list of your accomplishments. The first step is showing up.

Stay strong. 

Build confidence.

Begin again. 

You got this.

By Moriah Skye
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