How my Groupon Trial at Valor MMA turned into a long-term commitment

Moriah’s Story:

Before purchasing my Groupon for Valor, I had been going to a gym but I knew that a standard gym was no longer enough. I wanted to feel a sense of community where I could find people who were just as passionate about fitness as I was. That’s when I looked into Groupon to find the right Kickboxing classes for me. Something about working out that stirs self confidence which makes you feel capable. I had wasted so many years doubting myself and living with low self esteem but I was finally ready to give myself a chance and truly honor my body to make my dream of mixed martial arts a reality.

I worked at a school very close to Valor so my decision was initially based on convenience. My first class was with the owner and head instructor, Mr. Phipps. I have NEVER experienced a class like it before. I took the foundations kickboxing class that was extremely difficult at first because I had low endurance to keep going. However, the class exceeded my expectations and it was everything I hoped it would be. Here’s why:

My instructor was motivating and PATIENT.

My instructor met each of us at our skill level.

All my partners have been kind and easy to work with.

I learned so much in that first class and made it a point to come almost every single day. My last week of my groupon trial, one of the instructors said, “you’ve gotta make this last week count,” and my response was, “I’m not going anywhere.” I kept true to that statement. Here’s why:

  • Pushing myself to show up to class shows me that I am resilient and that my circumstances are only temporary.
  • Hard work and dedication brings us results not just physically but also mentally. It’s scientifically proven that exercise releases chemicals in our body that help aide in mental health, better sleep and an overall sense of well-being.
  • It feels good to sweat. I love seeing the difference in my skin and my body definition when I consistently work out at least 3 times a week. It makes me feel strong, giving me a boost of self love and confidence.
  • I’ve found a community of people who care for me, have respect for me and want to see me succeed. At Valor the sense of community is so profound and motivating. I look forward to growing with my teammates.

Sara’s Story:

“Training at Valor has given me confidence in myself and in my body. I have been able to maintain fitness and gain muscle- which was my goal. The community here is encouraging and inspiring. I love coming to Valor every night to train.”

Audrey’s Story:

“I have been interested in martial arts, Muay Thai and kickboxing for a long time. When I started at Valor I was just checking out the facility. I had other places in mind but once I started I fell in love with the studio. The teachers are so friendly and patient and give each student personal attention. The ambiance is really cool and I am able to burn an insane amount of calories each class so it’s a win- win for me!”

Eren’s Story:

“Valor gave me ambition, friendship, hard-work, discipline and a second home to look forward to. Thank you Valor!”

Other testimonials from members:

“Taking this kickboxing class has helped me realize my weaknesses and areas I need to improve on. I need to improve on memorizing combinations as well as my guarding techniques. It has also been helpful in learning self defense.”

“Training at Valor has helped me become more consistent and has helped me realize what muscles I need to work harder.”

What benefits has training at Valor MMA had on you and your fitness goals? Please share your story with us.

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